A system level device management experience. Makes device management smart, easy and cost effective!

One system can manage all endpoints.
Provides a full lifecycle management experience.

Cross platform endpoint management system.

  • Asset Management
  • Online Status
  • Application Reports
  • Policy Status
  • Data Visualization
  • Kiosk Mode
  • Function Restriction
  • Data Security
  • Safe Browser
  • Device Firewall
  • Enterprise App Store
  • Silent Installation
  • Application Blacklist
  • Remote Control
  • Geo Fence

Business Cases

Centeralized management system, welcome
to explore our cool features!


Need a easy or automatic way to enroll devices? We can do it.

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Remote Control

There is no efficient way to trouble shoot device problems remotely? We can support the remote control of the device UI from your computer, pad and cellphone.

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We can customise your devices with a unique desktop outlook.

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Parent Control

How can you limit the access of family pads and cellphones? We support a cross platform solution with one app that manages multiple devices for home, controls the device’s desktop, apps and the network access.

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Teacher Control

Teachers need a convenient way to manage devices being used in smart class solutions. We support one app to manage all devices in class, using the feature of a single app, kiosk, and lock-up.

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